2020 Extra

In view of the current situation of the global coronavirus epidemic, we have urgently purchased a batch of epidemic prevention materials, hoping to help each of our customers
However, due to the limited quantity of materials, we can only send them to some customers in batches
From now on, on our website:
FREE one bag of disposable medical masks (10 per bag) on items amount over $100
FREE one bag of KN95 Anti-Virus masks (10 per bag) on items amount over $300
No upper limit, two kinds of masks can be sent together and accumulated according to the amount of order.
Please refer to following details.
2020 Extra disposable gauze mask

Disposable medical gauze mask

2020 Extra disposable gauze mask
Medical Meltblown cloth Filter layer
Filters over 99% of Viruses

KN95 Anti-Virus gauze mask

2020 Extra kn95 gauze mask
Filters over 95% of Viruses
360° stereo surround isolate germs
Level: KN95=N95
Service time: 3-5 days
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