Shipping Policy

We ship to any address in the world.
Items ordered through itPurse are shipped EMS or TNT.
A street address is required for delivery.
Merchandise will be delivered standard Air-express(door to door),
which takes approximately 7-10 business days.
Processing time for in stock items is within 2 business days.
Delivery times do not include processing time.

Shipping rates are usually determined by the size of box and weight.
It is also related to the delivery area.
For small amount of goods, the starting rates are very expensive.
When it reaches to certain amount, the average rates can be reduced.

Prices are listed per category. (First Item / Additional Item)
The First amount colored in Green is the price for the first item.
The Second amount that is in Red is the price per additional item
Example: Two Handbags would cost to ship Anywhere International
$35 for the 1st item + $16 each additional item

EMS Handbags Wallets Apparel Shoes Belts Ties
first item 35USD(1PC) 35USD(2PC) 35USD(1PC) 35USD(1PC) 35USD(2PC) 35USD(2PC)
each additional item 16USD 8USD 8USD 16USD 8USD 8USD



DHL Handbags Wallets Apparel Shoes Belts Ties
first item 45USD(1PC) 45USD(2PC) 45USD(1PC) 45USD(1PC) 45USD(2PC) 45USD(2PC)
each additional item 20USD 10USD 10USD 20USD 10USD 10USD

(If you feel these prices are too high, Just let us know. We will work something out.)

When we ship your orders out,we will offer the track number to you.
If you want know the all informations of your order
please track your number at express company's website

Once the order was shipped, a tracking number will be email to you.
We don’t carry duty on any damages or loss during shipping.
we can't ship to P.O. Box.

* the shipping fee is pay to Express company, it is not our profit
* So we can not give you shipment discount,we would rather offer best service to you